I am a textile artist specializing in hats and headwear. My work is a continuous experiment, designing unusual, innovative, unique, original pieces of wearable sculpture. All handwoven. The designs extend from the extraordinary and eccentric to a modern take on the traditional beret. 

Recent Developments 

The necessary cancellation of Spring Fling was obviously a bitter blow for me as for the last 17 years, April and May have been a hive of activity preparing for the four busy days of fun and surprises that are this marvellous event.  

Suddenly finding myself with no time limits, no deadlines, nowhere to be and nowhere to go, was a really extraordinary experience. It was like being a child again during the summer holidays with endless sunny days and complete freedom to play, create, sow seeds, sew clothes, read, design and draw, bake and cook, or just sit and watch the clouds drift by.  

However l have spent some time on new designs and have been drawn to a fine bright palette of yarns, fiery orange and lots of reds, emerald greens and imperial blues. Big bold colours. My table is strewn with balls of wool of all colours and sizes, so before I begin I take time to select a basket of colours to suit my latest design. I then begin to work at speed on shaping, counting, changing hook sizes, increasing and decreasing to create and sculpt and alter to the style I want, and if necessary adding more shades of new colours. I want to make each hat a unique piece. 

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