My Practice

I have always been interested in the concept of good design in contemporary living and attempt to create a continuous collection of unusual and distinctive textile hats and headwear of universal appeal. Each piece is hand woven using high quality and ethically sourced materials to produce an original piece of wearable art. When approaching exhibition pieces l keep my design hero, Alexander McQueen, in mind, his visionary and genius never ceases to inspire me to attempt the daring and extraordinary, to be bold, push barriers, to surprise and amaze.

Tools & Materials

My studio is a large, airy space ,full of colour with dozens of spools of wool, baskets of yarn, tools, equipment, works in progress, exhibition pieces, sketches, vases of feathers, boxes of threads, images, paintings and of course a vast array of hats and headwear for sale.

Accessibility: This video does not have any speech within (just music).

Recent Developments

Due to restrictions l thoroughly enjoyed a relaxed summer, outside, without deadlines and commitments, but the last six months I have returned to designing and making with enthusiasm.

SF2021 Activity

I have worked on Ascot commissions, gallery and shop orders and a number of individual hat commissions, especially before Christmas.

Connect with Kay

Our online studio pages give you a chance to learn about each artist, see their work, watch video tours and demos and connect with them online. You can also purchase work, either directly from the artist or on the Spring Fling shop.


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