I’m a painter inspired by nature, beauty and mystery. Whilst my paintings are landscape based my use of fluid acrylics allows for  a strong element of abstract play and happy accident and more intuitive expression. 

Recent Developments 

I would like to say that all is well and productive in my studio in these trying times. In fact, the changes forced on us all are proving beneficial on my part as the usual constant interruptions to my painting by my picture framing business have completely ceased, allowing full absorption in my own creative bubble, as it were. This sudden change has jolted and renewed my creativity and opened the door to lots of new ideas and ways forward for my painting. 

Many would say that art is a form of escapism into the ideal world of the artist’s making, and my current work would probably echo that as I turn to my experiences of high mountain air and rolling clouds of many hiking adventures in the Highlands. What I aim for through these new works is not description but celebration, of light, space and freedom! 

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