‘Strengthening the fabric of life’ is how I begin the story of ‘About Me’ on my website on how I’ve come to design and make beautiful high quality wool pile hand tufted rugs, mindfulness mats and more. As I use upcycled quality carpet yarn left over from the textile industry I can afford to use many colours to play around with design effect so have been making one-off pieces to artfully furnish stylish spaces, to dress floors, walls or more recently as upholstery.  My rugs are last a lifetime quality and commissions are a very welcome part of my work.   

Recent Developments 

During my last Spring Fling some people commented I should have smaller more affordable items for sale alongside larger rugs, so my move towards upholstering small stools, footstools and developing designs for smaller size ‘mindfulness mats’ is a result of such comments.  So thank you kind people for making such comments as I really like the authenticity of little green woodwork stools I’ve been upholstering during lockdown and the idea that people can use ‘mindfulness mats’ as a platform for personal development as well as beautifying their homes.  

I’ve also been using lockdown time to research how I can make authentically Scottish rugs and mindfulness mats bearing the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Quality Charter Mark. I’m looking into having my rugs designs made abroad and I’m collaborating with local craftspeople on green woodwork stool designs and upholstering upcycled furniture pieces with wool pile textile.   

I’ve also added prints for sale of rugs I’ve made to my website shop, there’s a couple of rugs and little stools on there for sale and I intend to send out my first newsletter of a blog kindly written about me my last Spring Fling weekend for the intended weekend this year.  I will also send a photo of the little round rug Spring Flingers had a go at making when at my studio, splendidly complete and looking great! 

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