I’m a printmaker and wildlife artist, also making prints of Scottish landscapes. My work is accessible and bold and my subject matter is familiar to everyone! I make etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and other kinds of print using two beautiful presses which you’ll see in use. 

Recent Developments 

Lockdown in many ways has felt like an extension of the winter (including thus far the weather!) I’m in the fortunate position of working entirely from my home studio, so the output side has remained fine and a good psychological prop as my markets (and holidays!) slipped off the agenda.  

A couple of commissions have kept me busy but I thought it was also time to make a print of a moth. We’re keen naturalists and regularly set a moth trap: something we’ve had more time for, and moths are so beautiful. This reduction linocut print of a Lime Hawkmoth was the result. Since then I’ve been working on a print of a pair of Smew. As usual I’ve become rather preoccupied with the reflections…. 

My other new venture is painting; inspired by two terms attending Davy Brown’s art class in Wigtown, after a twenty year gap in my painting career, I’ve been continuing to paint in my ‘spare time’ (there is really no such thing in my life, even now) and the painting of Sanderlings against an abstract background is my latest attempt. 

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