I’m a goldsmith working exclusively with ethical and sustainable precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. The majority of my work is to commission, often for engagement rings and other special pieces. My engagement ring collection will be on show. I’ll be happy to discuss potential commissions/remodelling. 

What do I do? 

That I’ll craft you a beautiful piece of jewellery is a given. For me, jewellery is about connection and meaning.  I’m not interested in the whole ‘buying the biggest diamond you can afford’ school of thought or jewellery that’s meant to show how rich or impressive you are.  Nope, that does nothing for me. The jewellery industry is built on massive marketing campaigns that tell you to buy this or do that.  Let’s do less of the following the crowd, more of the doing it differently and making something you truly connect with. 

I’m about carefully handcrafting meaningful pieces that tell your story. Making with intention and integrity, working sustainably and sourcing precious metals and gemstones from people I trust. Recycling and reusing your old or unworn jewellery is about as sustainable as it gets.  I’ll happily reuse it to make your new piece. 

My collections all have a story behind them too, you’ll find out more about them on my website.  These pieces were inspired by my memories, see if you share the connection. 

Recent Developments 

During the lockdown, my studio is closed, but if you’d like to chat to me, you’re welcome to give me a ring.  I can take orders for pieces from the collections pages, for delivery after the restrictions end and am free to chat to you about bespoke jewellery too.  I’d love to hear from you and listen to your stories.  You can tell me as little or as much as you’re comfortable with. It’s always nice to reminisce and remember the things that connect us to another place, time or special person. 

I’m filling my time at the minute with running, working on my new website and growing veg.  I’ve taught the pup to shake a paw, planted a hedge and I’ve cleaned out the kitchen cupboards. I don’t usually have much time for creative things outside of my workshop, but I have some clay that I’m going to make into puts and woodfire.  It’s about 15 years since I made any pottery, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m grateful for the slower pace of life and the lack of deadlines at the moment and I hope something good can come out of this devastating pandemic.  My thoughts are with everyone who has lost someone dear to them. 

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