I’m Livy Nelson, aka Livy Has No Life, a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator. I recently moved back to Dumfries and Galloway after many years and am loving it. 

The mountains and seascapes that I grew up around remain a great source of inspiration to me, from the vibrant and contrasting colours to the environments themselves. I also developed a strong love for the natural world and an interest in environmental issues. 

My most recent work deals with psychedelic and surreal paintings. The artwork is a vivid exploration of colour and imagination, with a vibrant, fantasy style aesthetic. 

Recent Developments 

During this lock-down I began to create online ‘Isolation Art Workshops’ that I shared on YouTube. I wanted to explore another way of connecting with people thought art as well as providing something that people could use as a form of creativity and distraction in this current climate. 

Another activity that I have been doing for my personal practice is giving myself a time limit to create a piece of work. I have been setting myself 2 hours to complete an A3 painting on paper with various subjects in mind. I highly recommend this exercise to anyone wanting to play around or develop their techniques. I have often been doing these paintings live on Instagram and joined up with the artist KEO. Together we explored the theme ‘Pink’ and we encouraged people to create alongside us as well as asking and answering questions. 

Spring Fling may be postponed this May but I would still like to invite you to be involved virtually on my Instagram! I will be doing live demonstrations, insights into my working methodology and a raffle. See you then! 

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