My artistic practice combines drawing, painting and printmaking. I enjoy working outside capturing the Galloway countryside across the seasons. I focus on smaller details in the landscape, hedgerows and gardens and also the broader patterns created by hillsides, trees and fields. I like to find subjects for my work while out walking my border terrier – often returning to the same location in different seasons. 

I enjoy noticing the seasonal shifts like the coming of the first wood anemones and dog violets and then the change as the taller structures of  the hedgerow plants appear  – cow-parsley, foxgloves, and then the rosebay willow herb.  

Recent Developments 

For Spring Fling I normally set up a temporary studio at the Bothy in Kirkpatrick Durham where I live, which allows plenty of room for people to see my work in a pleasant surrounding as well as my own small portable etching press but I normally work form my home in the village – as well as often working outside and at the Gracefield print studios and Edinburgh print studio – though unfortunately that is something I can’t do in the current situation. However I am lucky that my essential subject matter taken from the local countryside remains unaffected and I am grateful to be able to focus on this at the moment. 

I have been able to maintain a sketchbook on my daily walk and I often work up my sketches on larger paper at home using dip pen and ink and watercolour. And I enjoy the process of revisiting the site over a period of days.  

I will also try and keep some sketch idea to work into the basis of prints when the opportunity arises again. 

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