I capture moments.  Those fleeting moments which:  depict this land, take one’s breath away and make you feel. You’ll find me out there waiting patiently for the elements to combine to create glory. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it’s yet to happen – and that’s OK!

My work evolves, changes yet somehow also stays the same – as I attempt to depict my Scotland and how I sense, feel and see it.
This small collection attempts to convey Galloway, in winter, being colourblind the more monochromatic sense imbued by winter is to me more appealing and understandable. Shapes, patterns, the small quirks of nature – and the wonderful light we are lucky to experience remain my motivating factors and frustrations in equal measure. I don’t overly complicate my work with anxieties about the technical aspects of my chosen medium nor the mechanics of work creation – for me its the emotionality and the feel that remain foremost.

Once, in the early days of my career, I would try to create work ‘that-would-sell’ – I failed. Instead, I selfishly please myself and, as my career has gained momentum, find that this approach – the approach where instinct and (personal) pleasure are paramount – often is the most well-received by my visitors and clients alike. They are interested in the ‘but what was going on’ element and the narrative contained in each image. I am fortunate and never take this for granted.

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