I design and make furniture using local Scottish hardwoods wherever possible as well as  reclaimed  timbers  and  have been developing my style recently to incorporate stained glass panels, epoxy resin and metalwork.

Recent Developments

I have actually been incredibly busy over the past few weeks with new enquiries and projects. I am still able to schedule in works for people and start the design process and I have also been able to continue with furniture restorations in Dumfries and Galloway – safely picking up and delivering to customers.

I had been in the process of finishing off a rather large project for the Visitors Room at Bladnoch Distillery when lockdown started. Unfortunately, I had been unable to get the piece of shaped, toughened glass from the manufacturer, which I needed to finish the job, before lockdown. I have also had a number of enquiries from previous Spring Fling customers who were disappointed they would not be able to come to the studio for Spring Fling this month but we have been able to correspond via email and put their projects onto paper.

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