I paint using watercolour in a bold fluid and expressive style. I use large Japanese brushes and small sable brushes on various paper textures and weights. I am inspired by subjects that are saturated with colour. My chosen themes are local seascapes, landscapes, flora and fauna. 

Recent Developments 

At the start of Lockdown the prospect of embracing the intensity of painting in watercolour and all its emotional demands was not inviting. However I soon decided that a few works in oil which can be started and finished gradually and choosing and old friend from the past and definitely the present would help. Hestan. I depicted it in brooding blues and granite rock colours. An icon of solidarity and hope. The waves became a jarring crashing on this rock but they could not destabilise the fortress of the Solway.

As spring leapt to its feet so did my return to watercolour and the crustacean character of parrot tulips were my window of access. Deep mauve and purple and lime green and vermilion and scarlet  are bold primary statements. Hope springs.

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