I explore form, texture and surface with hand-building and the wheel. Inspired by Lucie Rie’s Korean moon jar at the British Museum, I have been coiling large spherical forms and creating lunar-like surfaces with smoke and fire. This interpretation on the traditional thrown porcelain moon jars gives me ultimate control to explore the subtleties and variation possible with the spherical form, each piece altering slightly and seeming to float in weightlessness. 

My current creative practice has been limited by the lockdown; family and teaching commitments have meant my time in the studio has been much reduced. I started working on two Moon Jars in March. I had reached the equator on one – the southern hemisphere was complete and during the lockdown I added the northern hemisphere at a new, slower pace. The time I have spent in the studio has been punctuated with precious and fleeting moments feeling grounded – in touch with the earth and the elements. 

Repetitive, meditative actions come together with elemental processes to create the work. In documenting the creation of Moon Jars with video, I have produced Part 1 of what will become a two part video. Part 1: Earth Process, documents the shaping of a coil from textured white clay and the process of building by joining, smoothing, scraping and shaping. Part 2: Fire Process will document the smoke-firing; combustion in wood shavings and sawdust creating the lunar-like surfaces.  

Videos are viewable from my website and I am developing an online shop which I will open later in the year. 

Emma Varley and I have been working together on a print/ceramic collaboration Cosmos Forms. Visit Emma’s profile to find out more. Information about this work will also be on my website. 

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E: ruth@jonescc.com
W: ruthelizabethjones.com

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