My jewellery is inspired by structural organic forms, exploring how they can be layered and connected adding intricate levels of detail. As well as a more commercial collection of wearable jewellery, this year I am currently focusing on one off statement pieces.

I produce handcrafted jewellery creating bespoke and limited collections of work. Dumfries and Galloway’s idyllic scenery is a major influence in the majority of my work. Growing up surrounded by woodland and endless fields, I could step out of the house and enter into an enchanted world full of beautiful plants and animals where my imagination could run free. I still find nature’s ability to so easy immerse and ground me in that moment through the sounds, smells, and textures that weave together, truly incredible.

My work focuses on structural organic forms created predominantly in gold and silver wires, and cast components. I like playing with the fragility and delicacy of the pieces and how they can be layered and connected adding intricate levels of detail. The technique Plique à Jour enables me to add hints of playful colour and vibrancy into my work in a way that fits in with the delicate flow and style of my designs. As well as my most recent collection of jewellery featuring delicate, wearable pieces that have been inspired by flowers, petals, and elements of the forest floor. My main focus has now shifted towards specialising in tiaras, hair pieces, and bridal jewellery.

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