I make creative and elegant handmade jewellery in a mix of silver, gold and precious stones. There are two aspects of my work one is influenced by, plants and organic forms to create complimentary collections. The other is working to commission making to client’s wishes. 

Recent Developments 

Normally I am so busy fulfilling orders and commissions I find it difficult to progress new ideas However, this unusual and sad time has given me the space and opportunity to consider the direction of my work.  

I currently have two websites mcmasterandtingley.com which is a retail site but also displays the collections which are sold in many shops and galleries throughout the UK. The other sheenamcmaster.com is a site which is dedicated to my latest designs and offers a more exclusive high-end type of jewellery. Although this website displays the direction I want my work to take it is by no means complete.  

As a result of the lockdown my outlets have had to close and consequently there have been no orders to fulfil. Whilst this is financially difficult, I have been able to progress my new designs. 

 For most of my previous collections I have always used time honoured ways of working to shape the metal. In order to create more ambitious shapes and forms I have taken this time to work in wax. This allows me to experiment with different concepts as it is much easier to form and not so time consuming to make. The wax pieces can then be sent to specialist casters to be made into silver, gold or platinum. In particular I have carved a collection of new rings which once made will be set with precious stones. 

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