My art reflects a sensitivity to composition and colour and can be seen as a natural complement to my career as a designer. Freed from the constraints of digital layout, I have transferred my knowledge of balance and form to different media spontaneously combining colours and textures to create organic forms.

I work mainly in acrylics and experiment with fluid densities and dynamics, often working in layers which enable the artwork to develop a natural form and aesthetic. Many of my pieces comprise multiple raised wooden panels set in geometric forms, contrasting with the natural organic forms of the artwork itself.


During this current lockdown period, I have taken the opportunity to experiment with different media and have been re-visiting styles and techniques from earlier days, influenced by the tranquility and reflective contemplation of the current situation.

We are fortunate that our art is able to be displayed in our own permanent gallery at Falu Studios and we have been renovating and extending it over the past few weeks. This extra space is intended to be used by visiting artists and for workshops once the situation gets back to some degree of normality.

The Falu Studios website continues to have our art available for sale and we intend to offer visitors to the site a virtual exhibition of our own artwork alongside visiting artists’ work during the original Spring Fling weekend. Friends of Spring Fling will still be able to benefit from a 10% discount on all purchases via the website during this time.

Original art available online includes acrylic and mixed media works, prints and cards as well as other works in wood, resin and ink including bespoke furniture.

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