Andy Priestman

Ceramics • Blue Route

Wood fired pots wheel thrown and slab built. Hand mixed unique clays, glazes and wild clays incorporating locally sourced sands and grogs. Fired in own designed and built wood fired kiln to 1300°C.

Images of studio
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My Practice

I make stoneware and porcelain ceramics that I fire in a wood fuelled kiln. I plant trees every year to maintain a wood of over 250 trees. This offsets the wood I burn to fire the pots and heat the studio. I have been making pots here for almost 50 years.

Tools & Materials

I mix my own clays, slip and glazes and seek out local clays and glaze materials.

My studio has a permanent display area, the main workshop, a gas kiln and storage space with a glaze making room above along with the wood fired kiln shed and wood storage area.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

I am developing several strands of making at present. Inlaid clays using the slab roller and hand built pots. Combed porcelain and wild clay slips on thrown pots. Porcelain both slab built and thrown.

Detailed discussion of these, tours of the kiln and more

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10% for Spring Fling Friends, bring your ID!

Studio 16


High Minniwick, Bargrennan, Newton Stewart, DG8 6SS



A fairly narrow track up to the studio from the road, with adequate parking and turning space.

  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Family Friendly
  • Parking (8 spaces)
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year by appointment

Visiting my studio

A chance to wander outside and in. A chance to take in the views and listen to the river and spring birds chattering, weather permitting.

Evening Openings


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