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Andrew Adair

I'm a practicing potter with nearly forty years experience, having graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA(Hons) Degree in Ceramic Design. I moved to Dumfries in 1995 and my studio is based at the Gracefield Arts Centre. I exhibit widely throughout the UK.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I always try to maintain a playful approach, keen to explore the happy accident and veer off wherever it may lead. This and the need to allow the material to be clearly manifest in the finished work, is key to my process.

Tools & Materials

My work is predominantly hand-built and/or wheel thrown. I often use a blowtorch to force dry the clay for both practical and decorative purposes. I also develop all of my own glazes.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

‘Guess the weight of the pot’ competition




Solway House, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries, DG1 4TA


Parking Spaces: 15


Evening Openings


Price Range

– £500

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