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Painting & Drawing • Pink Route

I paint places I love to walk, with emphasis usually on naturalistic colour, light and shadow. I try to share the feeling of being uplifted by seashores and windswept hills, or more subtle moods induced by the light at certain times of day or season.

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My Practice

I love being outside! Here in Galloway, along the seashore and walking coast paths, what I see often becomes the subject of the next seascape painting. It lingers and evolves in my mind’s eye until it reaches the canvas much later: partly from memory, partly from references taken. Application starts with large bristle brushes, then smaller, softer brushes. Carefully chosen fine details with palette knife strokes or tiny brushes. The subject can be the specific location but usually it’s about light, colours or mood as well – or instead. Hill walking has long been a passion, so when I can visit Lake District fells or Scottish hills, I seek dramatic viewpoints for my landscapes and focus on the feeling of being there on windswept or precipitous high places.

Tools & Materials

Most of my painting is done at Clience Studio, which doubles as gallery. There’s the well-lit gallery, backroom for varnishing, wrapping and storage, and the studio. Here, there’s usually work on the easel, palette knives, brushes, paints, sketchbook, photos and videos for reference from my walks. It also contains the gallery overspill – paintings and gifts made from some of my Galloway paintings – so I keep the messy side to one half. I use finest artist quality oils for longevity, lightfastness, intensity and richness of pigment that’s great to work with. Also, citrus based medium and thinners which are less toxic. I paint small to large cotton or linen canvases which I get framed to a highly professional standard.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

A warm welcome to see my newest Galloway paintings: familiar or hidden. Some Outer Hebrides and Highlands, some imaginary landscapes. You can see oils in progress and ask questions. A large, limited edition print selection and bargains are to be had. Also see pen and wash studies, materials and slide show/film of creating a painting, when I am not painting.
There’s a competition to win a Clience Studio signed print (or art materials for children) by finding an apt title for a new atmospheric painting. Spring Fling friends 10% discount on mounted prints.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

Discount of 10% on mounted prints for Spring Fling Friends.

Studio 38


Clience Studio, 212 King Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1DS



There is an 8cm high step from the pavement then through an 88cm wide doorway. Level once inside. Brightly lit and I am happy to provide detailed description of paintings. Parking is free, on the street.


  • Family Friendly
  • Parking
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year

Evening Openings

Wed / Fri / Sat

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