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Angela Lawrence

I have always enjoyed painting: I want to record and share the wonder of the natural environment which, without fail, enlivens my spirits. Invigorating freshness, colours, spring contrasts, hazy horizons, sharp winter light and shadows, everchanging sea or approaching clouds: they all fascinate me, no matter whether the location is familiar or obscure. I can never get enough of the outdoors, but painting it brings a part home with me, and hopefully for others.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I love to see something take shape on a blank canvas, and it is usually from material I've carried home in my sketchbook or camera, with a large measure of memory of the walk and perhaps mixed with reference to other days and scenes. It sometimes doesn't appear until weeks later, sometimes the same day. I take in details and impressions – colours and features that stand out, light on a hillside or crest of rock that has caught my eye. I try to create the feeling of being there. I work quickly at first to get the broad composition, later add detail, real or imagined, and try to remember when to stop. I create mostly representational paintings of familiar places, though frequent commissions take me to new locations to enjoy. Sometimes the work is much more improvisational and created at greater speed than usual with interesting results.

Tools & Materials

I usually paint in my studio, which is part of my gallery in town. I have been painting mainly small and medium size paintings this year with some large panoramic work; but whatever the size I start with big flat or filbert bristle brushes and work down, using some soft brushes to blend or make fuzzy edges, and generally wet into wet. I often use a palette knife in the later stages -for rocks and cliffs, for example. I only use highly lightfast oil paint and love the intensity of best quality pigments. My mediums are non-toxic, citrus-based.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Competition to win a signed, limited edition giclee print, for inventing the best title for a new mystery painting. I will be painting at various times; there will be several paintings in progress and a slide show of stages of a painting or inspiring locations, as well as some bargains to be snapped up.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% off selected prints




Clience Studio, 212 King Street, Castle Douglas, DG7 1DS (returning from temp.address on the same corner under the clocktower before the event when renovation complete))



Parking on all the streets nearby is free and the pavement is ramped from the road. I have a small ramp for a 12cm step to access the venue, and the door is 90cm wide.

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday

Price Range

– £3,000

Contact Info

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