Briony Anderson

Painting & Drawing / Mixed Media / Printmaking • Green Route • New in 2022

The work I make relates to landscape, but suggests rather than describes. Evoking landscape rather than being of any one place, I often focus on the meeting of land and estuary and sea – untraceable edges.

Images of studio
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My Practice

I combine painting and printing processes with different materials, creating mixed media pieces, mainly on paper. I work mainly on a small scale using paint and printing processes, often combining them together with different materials. The work is always influenced by the environment but I also use other sources, such as historical landscape paintings and nature writing as a starting point.

Tools & Materials

I am predominantly a painter but incorporate different materials and print processes into my work. Recent work has combined monotypes (a unique image printed from a painted plate and run through a printing-press) with watercolour paint and drawing materials. I am concerned with working more sustainably and have been reusing and repurposing, often working over existing works.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

I am exhibiting in Thomas Tosh alongside Kate Mink and look forward to showing visitors new works as well as sharing something of my working process with materials from my studio and works at different stages, from beginnings to works-in-progress and finished pieces for sale.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling

Studio 78


Thomas Tosh, 19 E Morton St, THORNHILL, DG3 5LZ



There are one or two steps at the main entrance to the main space where there will be framed pieces, but the balcony space is at the top of a flight of stairs.

  • Stairs


  • Toilet
  • Family Friendly
  • Parking
  • Credit/debit cards accepted

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