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Caroline McGonigal

Come and learn about the unusual materials I use, as well as the methods I employ in creating my work. I like to harness nature itself to make some parts of a work.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I am a professional artist who grew up in Kirkcudbright, and have always been influenced by water and the ephemeral in nature. Painting inspiration has come from my travels to Iceland, Arctic Norway and also to Japan. I have been greatly inspired by Zen culture in recent years and this has started to show itself in my recent work.

Tools & Materials

My preferred choice of paint is oil due to the lovely thin layers that can be created and the flexibility it offers with blending even after a few days. However I also paint in watercolour and gouache as this is much simpler to use outdoors. My wind paintings are usually gouache and created by breezes and gusts of wind. Nature creates the start of a work and is then finished by my human touch. I think of this process as a conversation with nature.

Examples of work

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Shambellie House, New Abbey, DG2 8HQ



There is a short flight of stairs from the entrance which has a stair lift. There are accessible toilets.

Price Range

– £1,000

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