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Emma Watson

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I can no longer open my studio as part of Spring Fling 2024. Please do not visit my studio. Instead, I am taking part virtually – please explore and find out about my work!

This is my third year with Spring Fling, now under a new name (previously Emma Visca), I have been extremely lucky to have sold art all over the world. My art sells mainly online but I have exhibited throughout Scotland and in Barcelona which was a dream come true for me. I am currently studying my masters in mindfulness and have a real interest in art as a therapy.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I am an abstract expressionist painter. I normally have no idea what I will paint but mostly my work is on large canvas, sometimes two or three at a time. I let myself go and paint, then take a step back to see what has been released. It is a therapy for me but I do feel extremely lucky that people then want to purchase my art. Practicing mindfulness has taught me how unsettled my mind could be: painting provides me with a space to let go and accept who I am as a person and it helps me to be kind and compassionate with myself and others. We all go through such difficult times in life and meditation and art can be the perfect antidote.

Tools & Materials

Mainly large canvas and acrylic paints

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

I’ll also have some of my writings/ poetry for visitors to read if they wish.
Also cards and tote bags for sale.




Shambellie House, New Abbey DG28HQ



There is a short flight of stairs from the entrance which has a stair lift. There are accessible toilets.

Price Range

– £3,000

Contact Info

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