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Gail Kelly

I live in the countryside on an old farm with a large wild garden and my studio is here at home.
My mum taught me embroidery and sewing when I was a child and I still use these skills today. I've always liked printmaking and have been making linocuts since I was in primary school!
My original linen prints are images of trees, gardens and wildlife printed in black ink on oatmeal linen. I also make colourful linen collages which I sew by hand.
My hand printed limited edition lithographs depict standing stones and fairy thorn trees, distant islands and traditional farm cottages.
I have a degree in Printmaking from the Ulster College of Art and Design in Belfast and a MFA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I print my linocuts and woodcuts on Irish linen and create-hand stitched collages inspired by the countryside where I live along with landscapes and gardens I see on my travels in Britain and Ireland.

Tools & Materials

I use traditional linocutting tools along with some woodwork tools which I inherited from my father, grandfather and a great aunt. The vintage Irish linen I use for my collages has come down the family from my mum, grandmother and aunts.

Examples of work

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Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling




Creative Stranraer Hub, 23 King Street, Stranraer DG9 7JU



One small step in from street, toilet not wheelchair accessible.

Price Range

– £600

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