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Gloria Newlan

I have been developing a body of artwork which focuses on native plants growing in Eskdalemuir. This focus keeps me close to the path of observation, vision and meaning while developing a reciprocal relationship, listening and seeing what the plants are offering.
Portraits of edible plants are chosen for their connection to people.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I paint or draw every day which keeps me connected to the spirit and story of the subject chosen. Plant Spirit Medicine provides me with a way of seeing and I continue to paint until the image begins to dance and show its spirit.
My perpetual art journal is in its second year, guided by an American Botanist and Artist with a live instagram community, connecting artists, plants and places around the world.

Tools & Materials

My studio is in my home, where I paint, draw and study. Art materials are watercolour, mainly using Arches h/p paper. Graphite and coloured pencils (mainly Faber Castell polychromos); pen and ink for loose-style drawings and art journals.

Examples of work

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Old School Hub, Eskdalemuir DG13 0QJ



Fully accessible for everyone

Price Range

– £800

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