Heather Armstrong

Ceramics • Orange Route • New in 2022

The artist in me is evolving with every new piece. I work with a variety of clays, hand-building by coil, slab and pinch techniques. Each piece is an exploration of form and texture with a finish enhanced by barrel smoke firing or contrasting slip.

Images of studio
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My Practice

My ceramic pieces are hand built by coil, slab and pinch techniques. I will doodle in anticipation of new work but during the building process my ideas will evolve so the finished form is often not as planned. However it will always possess contrasting textures. Work is fired in my electric kiln prior to smoke firing in a steel barrel with varying combustible materials.

Tools & Materials

My studio is at my home so I can drop in and out during my building process. Tools are very simple, designed for modelling, cutting and scraping the clay. Improvisation is an important feature of finding ways of achieving a desired outcome. My labour saving slab roller is invaluable and of course the kiln is an essential.

I get clay supplies from a commercial supplier although am also exploring the use of locally found wild clay.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

I am a newcomer to Spring Fling having been a visitor for many years. This means I am finding my way a bit. In preparation for the event I will be focussing on making new work and ensuring my studio is welcoming, interesting and safe for visitors. I expect to have a series of pieces at different stages to demonstrate my creative process.

My other 2022 commitments include participation in an exhibition, “Canvas and Clay”, at The Whitehouse Gallery in Kirkcudbright. I have also been invited to exhibit at the Potfest event at Scone Palace later in June 2022.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10% discount for Friends

Studio 72


Linnfield, Collin, Dumfries, DG1 3SA



The studio can be accessed directly from a parking area and is on ground level. Although not specifically designed for wheel chair access the doorway is wide enough for this. There are no accessible toilet facilities. Also alternative, non-disabled parkin

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Disabled Parking


  • Parking (5 spaces)
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year by appointment

Visiting my studio

My studio is small but accessed at ground level direct from a parking area. Wider parking space is available in a more distant area of my garden.
I am hopeful that in June it will be possible to allow visitors to enjoy some outdoor seating to admire our view of Nithsdale, the Solway and over to Cumbria. Simple refreshments will be available.

Evening Openings

Thu / Fri / Sat

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