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Hope London

Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, I can no longer open my studio as part of Spring Fling 2024. Please do not visit my studio. Instead, I am taking part virtually – please explore this Virtual Studio and find out about my work!

I am participating in CREATE, a scheme for artists working in installation, experimental or site-specific work. I am taking part virtually and the focus will be on new and recent experimental work featuring outdoor and video-based pieces, drawings and more…

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

Art is transformative. I know this from years as a community artist and recently, through making work dealing with my own experience of deep loss and illness. Experimenting with different media and returning to the familiar comfort of drawing, the process has been cathartic, healing, even joyful.
Death, illness and the fragility of the human body are difficult themes addressed by artists in every culture. In Western art, the work of Goya and Munch have remained imprinted in my mind since childhood when I first saw them in a book of art prints. The process of creating new work based on these experiences has helped me face and work through trauma and discover gratitude on the other side.

See below a video of ‘Homemade Haircut’ – a lockdown song. I had great fun writing lyrics about the horrible first-world problem of losing access to your hairdresser during the pandemic. The video was, for me, a further experiment into the world of ‘art as performance’. It’s one of 5 lyrics-driven synth pop tracks on my new EP ‘Could Do Better’, an intergenerational collaboration with Glasgow-based DJ and producer Dean Munch, and with filmmaker Daniel Hughes who made the video.

The words paint portraits of personal and social dilemmas, like fighting the urge to pursue inauthentic goals in Could Do Better, or the gender dilemma in On the Borderline. The full EP will be released on all streaming services on 26 April.

Tools & Materials

Drawing (graphite, ink, mixed media), painting (mainly acrylic), video, re-purposed materials, installation using a range of media and materials, from video to furniture.

Examples of work

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Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling




I am taking part virtually – please do not visit my physical studio



Price Range

– £2,500

Contact Info

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