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Ian Cameron-Smith

Following a long career in interior design, furniture-making and draughtsmanship, every commission now brings new and exciting challenges within my practice. Achieving pleasure from pushing the boundaries and thinking out-with the usual parameters to create solutions, artworks and designs that are practical as well as beautiful, is great fun.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

Wood is a wonderful material and medium, with every piece having its own irregularities and grain. The characteristics of a timber guide me towards how it will evolve and what it will eventually become. Over the next few years I will continue my amazing journey through many more fascinating projects.

Tools & Materials

Various timbers including elm, yew, ash and oak are the mainstay of my practice, often combined with glass and/or steel. These materials, fashioned by industrial thicknesser, table, radial arm and band saws, and finished using donuts, grinders and sanders, provide remarkable results.

Examples of work

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Riverside Mills Workshop, Beaconsfield Place, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4DP



Workshop is ground floor, ramp will be provided at doorway. Toilet upstairs.

Price Range

– £6,000

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