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Jackie Zehnder

For me working with clay is more than just producing an item, rather it's a personal expression of creativity that starts in the heart. To be alone with a piece of clay and to allow the movement of the material to dictate where it moves and what form it is going to take on is very freeing and satisfying. I am most content when I can create something new each time without boundaries or restrictions of specifications. The accurate detail of the de bossed leaf onto the clay is photographic in its expression and becomes preserved in stone.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My technique is referred to as slab or hand building. This entails rolling sheets of clay, leaving irregular contours, then impressing leaves into the clay. These sheets are then folded around a mould to form a vessel before being fired to bisque ware. Following this the ornamentation of the leaves is redefined using oxides, and a transparent glaze leaves each unique item with a high gloss finish. My ceramics are robust stoneware and are for functional or ornamental use.

Tools & Materials

The tools I use are essentially a rolling pin, calico sheet, container/mould, kitchen roll, a knife for scoring, a "lump" of clay and tub of slip to make the items. For decoration I use oxides and a transparent glaze; tools are jugs, bowls, whisks, brushes and of course a kiln, with props and shelves for firing.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

During the afternoons making a small hanging decoration in the style of my ceramics. Materials are free, just the postage cost would be charged.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

Free refreshment of tea or coffee.




Fern Ceramics, Hagg on Esk, Canonbie, DG14 0XE


Parking Spaces: 10


accessible toilet, accessible outdoor and indoor seating

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Price Range

– £250

Contact Info

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