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Jane Fraser

As an artist working with wood I create a range of forms using a lathe. I enhance the wood's natural features with detailed freehand pyrography. My response to nature is evident in my work and my love of intricate drawings allows me to create unique art pieces.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I have a passion for working with wood. I combine my turning of wooden forms with freehand detailed pyrography. I choose to work with locally-found unseasoned wood. This allows the wood to move and reshape creating unique profiles ensuring each piece has its own identity. My style incorporates the natural aspects of the wood, embracing the organic irregularities, spalting and bark inclusions.
Much of my work is in response to the rustic nature of the medium focusing on the natural grain. I study the flow of the patterns to find the makings of a landscape, to then burn into the wood using the pyrography process. I love to burn trees, ferns, ivy and leaves echoing the flora and fauna of the woodlands. The tree design in particular has the effect of returning the wood to its original source.

Tools & Materials

I cut the logs into manageable size pieces using a chainsaw and then shape the pieces into rounds with a bandsaw. I use a variety of woodturning tools to create the desired shape of wood on the lathe. The wooden form is then sanded. I finish by decorating the piece with detailed freehand pyrography.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Visitors can experiment with the pyrography tool and make a keyring or bookmark. There will be an area where children can decorate their own keyrings.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% discount for friends of Spring Fling




Shian, Kirkmaiden, Drummore, DG9 9QP


Parking Spaces: 5


The workshops are on one level with brick cobbled floors. There is a small wooden lip to access the display area.

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Price Range

– £500

Contact Info

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