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Joshua Miles

I am a full time artist/printmaker who specialises in hand made limited edition reduction linocuts and monotypes.
I am inspired by the Impressionists’ style of mark-making and Japanese selective rolling techniques. My passion is in capturing the play of light moving over landscapes or found in reflections on water or in objects.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

First I gather images from the many walks in my local area.
For the linocut process I select what image inspires me at the time and do my initial sketch in broad felt tip on my lino. I then chisel away my first layer which is always the lightest and with selective rolling I ink up my lino and print my first layer. I then clean up and chisel my second layer. I do only limited editions of 10 prints often in 4 layers.
My other process of monotypes is like painting in ink and building up an image also in several layers but only one is produced.

Tools & Materials

My workstation in my large shop-front window is where I have my glass sheet to mix my inks on, then with small rollers I roll the inks onto my prepared block. Passers-by can watch me work. The other window is where I use my variety of chisels to do my cutting and drawing. I have a large printing press in the middle of my studio.

Examples of work

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Joshua Miles Art Studio, 57 Castle Street Kirkcudbright DG6 4JD



On street level

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £1,000

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