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Joshua Williams

Using clay bodies mixed in part from locally sourced clay I make both functionalware for the table, as well as larger statement pieces. My aim is to bring the values and traditions of the studio pottery tradition into the contemporary setting.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I enjoy the rigours and rhythm of making batches of functional wares. Quite often it is only after throwing 5 or 6 of a batch of mugs that I really get into the flow and the clay starts to fly. To be able to make something which will bring pleasure through continued use is a great privilege, and I enjoy the processes and traditions which designing and creating a range of functional pots entails. This practice sits alongside my large and wider ceramic endeavours. I'm currently exploring the concept and reality of making very large versions of pots which would tend to be relatively small. To give a piece the presence and physical space which it would never normally have is to demand that we interact with it in a way we never normally would.

Tools & Materials

I mostly use the wheel to make my pots, although I have been handbuilding more of my pieces recently as it offers a valuable change of pace and technique. All of the stamps I use are ones I make myself, which allows me to develop an idea and put this into practice without the form of the stamp being too rigid or clinical. I mostly use red clay, or terracotta, as this feels to me more in line with the ground we see around us. As an extension of that I'm testing a wide variety of local clays, many of which are seen as too earthy or adulterated for quality ceramics. These local materials excite my imagination and passion in a way that a bag of pure clay bought from the internet never can.

Examples of work

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1 Station Road, Newton Stewart, DG8 6LJ



On street parking is on the same level as the studio and the lip into the studio is very small.

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– £750

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