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Laura Boswell Printmaker

The Scottish landscape, especially the local coastline, inspires my work. My artworks are created from observational drawings and a love of wild spaces with the focus on weather, light and a sense of scale.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My training in Japan plus my love of drawing form the basis of my landscape work which consists of many transparent layers balanced with negative space. My goal is to evoke a sense of place and season for the viewer.

Tools & Materials

I cut my lino and woodblocks by hand and print using my Victorian printing presses. I like to work with Japanese tools and washi or rag papers using traditional inks. I also create one-off works combining mono-printing in oil based ink with drawn line and oil pastel.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Printmaking demonstrations




The Print House, 110 High Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4JQ



Two shallow steps to front door. Gallery and studio space all on one level

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £2,850

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