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Lisa Rothwell-Young

I'm a designer and goldsmith working exclusively with recycled and responsibly sourced precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. I produce my own environment- and nature-inspired collections and work with my customers to interpret their stories into beautiful meaningful pieces of jewellery.

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About My Practice

It's really important to me that I work as ethically, responsibly and sustainably as possible and this underpins everything that I do. My own collections are inspired by our environment and natural world, I notice and take inspiration from patterns created by nature whether that's in the wilds of Eskdale, or down on the shore in my favourite places by the sea. My bespoke pieces come about as a result of conversations I have with my customers, the inspiration for which comes from their memories and milestones and results in completely unique pieces of jewellery. My preference is to work by hand, in the traditional way, melting, forging, shaping and piercing metal, before setting stones of all shapes and sizes to bring the piece alive. To work as I do is a rarity in these times of computer aided design, 3D printing and mass production. For me it is important to take the time to carefully and slowly consider and plan each piece of jewellery. Then from there, complete the skillful and time-consuming process of creating it. I love my bespoke work, I am privileged to hear people's stories and be trusted with the job of creating meaningful jewels that symbolise their lives and loved ones.

Tools & Materials

I use recycled, or fairly-traded precious metals, responsibly-sourced and traceable coloured gemstones and natural traceable, laboratory created, antique or recycled diamonds. Alongside which, I encourage my customers to reuse their old jewellery as it's a very sustainable option and perfect for sentimental pieces.
Most of my tools are very traditional, with my microscope and air powered gravers being the modern addition.

Examples of work

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38 Henry St, Langholm, DG13 0AS


Parking Spaces: 5


1 step up from the pavement, ramp available. Parking on the street outside

Price Range

– £20,000

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