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Natalie Vardey

I am a full time jeweller, making my own collections and working to commission. I have always worked in precious metals (recycled wherever possible), always source ethically mined stones and for decades my printed boxes have always been recycled card.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My studio is very small which is why I move everything to another venue for Spring Fling. Here I set up a replica of my bench, the view from it and recreate the feel of my busy days. I make tiny stitches in pure silver, make wedding and engagement rings to order and all sorts of commissions (often refashioning or refreshing old rings) and work on my own collections. Ideas come from: nowhere, beautiful pieces of architecture, or masterpieces of engineering. I step into this very personal space, pick up my thoughts and leave everything else at the door.

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very small. An elegant woman, she also taught me the art of fine sewing and embroidery, showed me how she made hats and managed transform the mundane into something unique. In my teens I crocheted miniscule pieces using sewing thread and making all sorts of things for my appreciative family, who would often say, ‘How did you make that?’.
Now many years on I often think how lucky I am to be still using these skills in precious metal, making pieces for other people to treasure and keep.

Tools & Materials

My jewellery tools are basic, with very few modern accessories and near enough everything I need is within an arm’s stretch. Occasionally I get up to use the rolling mills or draw down some wire, or do some (often therapeutic) hammering, then it’s back to the bench. Jewellers work at a ‘pin’ which is a piece of wood protruding from the centre of the traditionally semicircle bench. All filings and off-cuts are collected below for scrap to be recycled. I work in gold and silver (mainly sterling, with pure silver for fine wire work), freshwater pearls and use gemstones mainly to commission. I like using silver with gold, or coloured golds together, manipulating metal to create illusions, reflections and textures.
Luckily every day is different as I have a low boredom threshold!

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

I will have some discounted pieces, just to make space for new ones.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

Surprise offer for Spring Fling Friends.




The Motte, Balmaclellan, Castle Douglas, DG7 3QE


Parking Spaces: 5


Parking is on the street. There is a small gravel drive and two steps to the door. Ramp available. All on one level inside, including toilet.

Price Range

– £900

Contact Info

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