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Ruth Clayton

I am a watercolourist fascinated by nature's force and find the ocean mesmerising. I try to capture the 'energy' of the sea in my paintings and focus on the texture and patterns that the water makes. Watercolour is a great medium for my subject matter: a perfect harmony.

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About My Practice

It pays to be patient with watercolour, as happy accidents can create beautiful effects. I have control but allow the paint to show me the way.
I use quick sketches, various photographs, and memory to compose my large pieces of work.

Tools & Materials

I usually work large and try not to overwork or force the way I paint, allowing the watercolour effects to appear naturally on the paper. I sometimes use a few techniques, like salt, to enhance these effects.

Examples of work

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Upper Annandale Parish Church, 1 Church Place, Moffat DG10 9ES


Parking Spaces: 10


Level access and accessible toilets

Price Range

– £500

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