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Sarah McCusker

I am a multimedia artist, collector, curator and hoarder. My work curates and manipulates materials found, forgotten and discarded, and reimagines these to tell deeper narratives about our inner humanity and connection with the wider world. My work covers collage, sculpture/installation and printmaking.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I am an emerging artist with no formal training. I previously worked in sustainability, but after having my children opted to focus on a new path as an artist. My work ranges from very small to very large. The end results are led by the materials I scavenge. I am currently looking at how I can represent my collections of artefacts through printmaking.

Tools & Materials

Most of what I use has had a previous life, so materials vary. My tools go from the humble paintbrush to an angle grinder.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Fun collage activity for kids and grownups alike! Tea/coffee and cake




Grennan Farmhouse, Dalry, DG7 3PL


Parking Spaces: 6


Step into studio but then all on one level

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £500

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