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Sarah Ross-Thompson

After twenty years in Dorset and ten years in Argyll, I moved to Portpatrick at the end of 2022. My new studio is on the third floor with a fabulous lighthouse view.

Whenever I move there is always a significant shift in my work as I tackle the terrain of my new home. Moving from the forests and mirror loch of my old home I have been excited and fascinated by the power of the sea across the road from my house.

Somehow, getting to know a location through daily walks along the coastal paths or simply pottering on the sand, absentmindedly beachcombing finds its way into my work. My art is about sharing the experience of the amazing places I have been lucky enough to live in.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I have been a printmaker specialising in the technique of collagraphy for nearly three decades. I create collage printing plates using materials such as string, tapes, fabrics and wallpaper bonded to a base of mount board. I also use a scalpel to score into the board to enhance the design.

Once complete, I shellack the collage and use it in the same way an etcher would print from a metal plate. The fragility of my collage plates means my editions are very small, totalling 30.

Tools & Materials

Etching press, printing rollers, glue, scalpel, collage materials such as string, porridge oats, textured wallpapers, lichen and tissue paper. Mountboard.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

I will be doing ad hoc demonstrations throughout the event on request, when possible.




7 South Crescent, Portpatrick, Dumfries and Galloway DG9 8JR



With a few steps the ground floor exhibition space is accessible. The main studio is on a third floor.

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday

Price Range

– £690

Contact Info

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