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Sarah Stewart

After a few years studying Digital Design and Animation, I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 with a BA(Hons) degree in Visual Communication where my practice centred around printmaking and bookbinding. I now work from my home studio and gallery utilising a variety of printing processes but predominantly silkscreen printing. I apply my designs across a variety of textile and book forms as well as creating fine art original prints.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

There are three key elements to my practice: collecting, drawing and making.

Objects, both found and vintage, are the main subject of my work. I am inspired by the past lives of objects and the stories they tell. I enjoy collecting and surrounding myself with the things that inspire me: purchases from antique shops, and treasures gathered on family walks. Each object I collect is a potential print – past, present or future – as I hope to find the beauty in them and create contemporary prints that engage with the modern viewer of my work.

Drawing is a big part of my journey as an artist and I enjoy experimenting with materials and mark-making as I continue to develop and push the boundaries of my practice. I try to leave the studio at least once a week to draw outdoors and I have started habitually drawing a different object from my collection each day. Although these drawings rarely become a print themselves, I find the act of drawing regularly is important in the refinement of my skills and development of the mark-making “vocabulary” that I use within my work.

I am a printmaker but I am also a maker. I find solace in the repetition of printmaking and also in making in small batches. Everything I make is printed by hand; my notebooks are handbound and my textiles hand-sewn. I find great satisfaction in creating small collections of handprinted and handmade objects that can be held, treasured and used.

I primarily use screenprinting in the creation of my work but also, on occasion, use other printing techniques including relief and intaglio processes. I was recently awarded the Hole Editions Publishing Award at RE International Open Print Exhibition at Bankside Gallery, London and as part of the award am presently working alongside master printer Lee Turner to create my first lithographic print.

Tools & Materials

At the heart of my studio is a variety of printing presses and equipment which I use in the creation of my work: a vacuum screen printing press; uv exposure unit; antique etching press; two bookbinding presses; Adana letterpress; an old mangle awaiting conversion and a small, travel-sized 3D-printed intaglio press.

Surrounding this plethora of printmaking equipment are the objects that act as inspiration for my work. Typewriters, cameras and vintage tins bought in antique shops line the shelves alongside broken crockery, shells and feathers found on local walks. My plan chest is overflowing with works in progress, proof prints, editioned prints, and a variety of papers for printmaking and collage. My drying rack is lined with half-finished prints and shelves are filled with art books and half-finished sketchbooks. This busy studio is a hive of activity and a direct contrast to the gallery space in which I present my finished artworks.

With a growing concern for environmental ethics, I adopt non-toxic printmaking practices in my studio, primarily using water-based and solvent-free inks. My textiles are carefully chosen, using linens manufactured in Scotland, carbon negative materials like cork and acid-free printmaking papers. As I strive to become zero-waste I pulp my misprints and paper waste to make my own papers for printing on.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Visitors to my studio are encouraged to be active participants in their studio experience, with opportunities to rifle through sketchbooks and preparatory pieces and also to print from a pre-made block or screen if they wish. As a mother of four, my studio is family-friendly with simple activities and worksheets provided for children allowing them to get the most out of their studio visit.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

Free mini print with every large print purchase.




Craigard, 13 North Main Street, Wigtown, DG8 9HL



There are two steps into the studio from street level

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £695

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