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Savannah Crosby

I make work that is focused on walking, exploring themes such as mental health and the natural environment, hoping to create a sense of place and escapism with the use of metaphors and symbolism.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My practice allows me to express myself without limitations. Through the use of different techniques, such as intentional camera movement, I can use still imagery to represent an emotion. Moving image allows me to elevate my practice, the use of sound and visuals help to drive the narrative by allowing you to experience what I experienced.

Tools & Materials

As a walking photographer, my studio is the great outdoors.
My tools include my cameras (Nikon D3300 & D850), lenses, filters (CPL & NDF) and of course my feet!
While I try to keep my images as close to real life as possible, I do use Photoshop to help achieve the final desired results. I also use Premier Pro to edit my short films.

Examples of work

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Wellwood, 2 Bakery Street, Auchencairn DG7 1RN



Wheelchair access by rear, steps at front

Price Range

– £500

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