Steven Burnie

Painting & Drawing • Orange Route

I paint landscapes of the region on location, free from the four walls of my studio. By being in the environment I seek to capture impressions of the ever changing light of the South West of Scotland.

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My Practice

My practise has changed recently, in that I now spend most of my time painting on location, au plein air. I find this allows me to capture the changing light of the landscape, creating impressions of a moment in paint. Painting in the environment provides with endless source material to work from and some challenges too!

Tools & Materials

My studio is in Solway House situated in the beautiful Crichton parkland estate. The open plan studio units provide space for a variety of artists and the building as a whole is filled with all kinds of creatives. For me my studio is a separate place away from distractions, a place where I can focus in my creative practise. I can sketch out new ideas, work on paintings in progress, or reflect and plan out forthcoming projects there. On a practical level the studio holds my materials I need from the initial stretching a canvas to the framing a completed a painting.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

There will be a live painting demo.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10% discount for friends of Spring Fling

Studio 65


Solway House, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries, DG1 4TA



The studio is on the ground floor with a ramp access for wheelchairs. There are no steps or stairs and is completely flat and level throughout.

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Disabled Parking


  • Toilet
  • Family Friendly
  • Parking (30 spaces)
  • Open through the year by appointment

Visiting my studio

We ask that visitor use the one way system through our studios and that visitor wear a face covering.

Evening Openings


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