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Yuliya Lennon

Through my paintings, I aim to capture the essence of the world around me. My work often features images of plants, people, and landscapes, but these are not mere representations. Instead, they are expressions of my own relationship to the world around me, and, I hope, they invite the viewer to consider their own relationships as well.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

My work is deeply influenced by my research in Medieval art. I draw inspiration from the sustainable materials and techniques of this period, seeking to infuse my paintings with elements that echo the artistry of that era.
I am also interested in the materiality of paint and the physicality of the painting process. In my work, I use layers of translucent colour to create depth and luminosity, and I often incorporate different textures and mark-making techniques to generate a sense of movement and energy. By emphasizing the materiality of paint, I hope to draw attention to the ways in which painting is a visual and a physical medium, and to highlight the connections between the act of painting and the act of experiencing the natural world.

Tools & Materials

I primarily work with oil paint, although I also incorporate egg tempera, wax, and gold leaf into my paintings.

Examples of work

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Old Clonyard, Colvend, DG5 4QW


Parking Spaces: 5


Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Price Range

– £5,000

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