We’re delighted to announce the full line of participating Artists and Makers for this year’s event!

Below you will find the complete list of our 62 event participants. We are pleased to see some familiar faces as well as new participants joining us for the 2021 event.

Later this month, we’ll announce our full event programme which will include information on the Spring Fling Pop-UPs, the online exhibition, Upland Commission and our programme of workshops, talks and demonstrations.

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During this year’s event, this is where you will access the Virtual Studios. These will go live with the event on the 29th May.


Images by Colin Tennant / Spring Fling 2020, Alison Corfield’s studio
Header: Work by Morag Macpherson

Spring Fling 2021 // Participating Artists & Makers

Aileen MacEwan (New Studio)
Alan J Brockbank
Alison Corfield
Alison Macleod
Alistair Hamilton
Angela Lawrence
Anne Butler
Anne Waggot Knott (New Studio)
Archie McCall
Astrid Weigel (New Studio)
Bella Green
Briony Anderson (New Studio)
Caroline Hone
Ceri Allen
Clare Dawdry
Daniel Lacey
Davy Brown
Deborah Campbell
Diana de Gruyther
Elizabeth Gilbey
Ella McCreath (New Studio)
Emma Varley
Fitch & McAndrew
Gail Kelly
Hannah Spicer
Hazel Campbell
Heather Davies
Hope London
Ian Mckinnel (New Studio)
Izzy Leach


Janet Carson (New Studio)
Jay Rubinstein
Jennie Ashmore
Jo Gallant
Julie Hollis
Kay Ribbens
Kaz Robertson
Kim Ayres
Laura Derby
Linda Mallett
Lisa Rothwell-Young
Liz McQueen
Lizzie Farey
Lucy Hadley
Maggie Ayres
Morag Macpherson
Natalie Vardey
Pamela Grace
Patti Lean
Peter Machell (New Studio)
Peter Smith
Philippa Sinclair
Rachel Shnapp (New Studio – Emerge 2021)
Rory Laycock
Ross Fulton
Ruth Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Keast
Sarah Stewart
Sheena McMaster
Sian Yeshe (New Studio – Emerge 2021)
Sue Thomas
Tricia Barna

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All videos belong to the Artist or if otherwise, with the person credited. Upland does not take any responsibility for the content or any copyright infringements.


The videos on the studio pages have been made independently by our participants in response to the Covid-19 restrictions as a way to showcase their work digitally. Therefore each video is different. Some do have subtitles or captions. If so, this information will be highlighted on that Virtual studio underneath the video. If you want to view the video on a bigger screen, press the word ‘vimeo’ or the [ ] button in the lower right hand corner.
All other videos have sound or the Artist talking. Making our online content more accessible will be a priority going forward and we will be developing the website and its content for 2021. Please fill out the visitor feedback form here to help us make the event more accessible. 


01 Linda Irving
02 Jane Fraser
03 Glenda Waterworth
04 Lisa Hooper
05 Kevan McGinty
06 Helen Ryman
07 Davy Brown
08 Sarah Stewart
09 Jesse Ball
10 Gail Kelly
11 Kay Ribbens
12 Andrew Livingston
13 Josh Williams
14 Suzi Plunkett
15 Andy Priestman


16 Elizabeth Gilbey
17 Sarah Rogers
18 Caroline Hone
19 Sheena McMaster
20 Izzy Leach
21 Laura Derby
22 Kate Anderson
23 Alison Corfield
24 Alistair Hamilton
25 Morag Macpherson
26 Lizzie Farey
27 Maggie Ayres
28 Patti Lean
29 Catherine Coulson
30 Heather M Nisbet
31 Jay Rubinstein
32 Urpu Sellar
33 Jennie Ashmore
34 Janet Ibbotson


35 Julian Francis
36 Suzanne Stuart Davies
37 Hazel Campbell
38 Hannah Spicer
39 Angela Lawrence
40 Phil McMenemy
41 Janet O’Donnell
42 Jo Gallant
43 Iona Hall
44 Adam Booth
45 Pamela Grace
46 Clare Dawdry
47 Amanda Simmons
48 Natalie Vardey
49 Kim Ayres


50 Livy Nelson
51 Hazel Maclennan
52 Philippa Sinclair
53 Ailsa Black
54 Archie McCall
55 Michael Pell
56 Blossom McCuaig
57 Shona Guthrie
58 Christopher Taylor
59 Julie Hollis
60 Hope London
61 Sue Thomas
62 Ruth Elizabeth Jones
63 Emma Varley
64 Tricia Barna
65 Joanna Srokol


66 David Rushton
67 Dougie Sharpe
68 Anne Butler
69 Alison Macleod
70 Kaz Robertson
71 Deborah Campbell
72 Emma Visca
73 Philip Wilson
74 Vaughan Trower
75 Sarah Keast


76 Peter Smith
77 Minette Bell Macdonald
78 Bella Green
79 Liz McQueen
80 Sophie Jarzyna
81 Michael Batey
82 Janet Hughes
83 Daniel Lacey
84 Jo Walker
85 Lisa Rothwell-Young
86 Colin Blanchard
87 Heather Blanchard

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