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10 Reasons to visit Spring Fling 2024

We’ve actually got 104 reasons to visit Spring Fling (and more) but we’ve broken it down to 10 reasons to visit Spring Fling this late May Bank Holiday weekend!


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1.104 unique studios to visit across D&G

We’ve got 104 studios taking part in SF2024, spanning across D&G! 
Find out about them by picking up an event brochure OR by checking out the Virtual Studios section of the website HERE.



2. Unique insights into how and where work is made

Just being inside a studio gives you unique insights into how work is made. Entering a studio is like entering the creative brains of our talented artists and makers. You see tools and materials, equipment used. You also see interesting things collected, things that influence them and much more!

Sometimes, there is time for a demo!



3. Meet the artists and makers themselves

The artists and makers will all be at their studios. This is such a treat to speak directly with the people that made the work you’re interested in. You might meet some of their family and friends too, as opening their studios to thousands of visitors is a big job and they want to talk to you all!

Make the most of your time with the artists but please appreciate that lots of visitors want to chat. Enjoy!



4. Go on an adventure across Dumfries and Galloway

Spring Fling isn’t just about the studios, its a journey across Dumfries & Galloway! On this journey, you will see our magnificent countryside and coastline. At the end of May, the region is green, the wild garlic is in bloom, the sun is shining and it is a joy to be outside. Visiting studios takes you off the beaten track, to unique and inspiring locations!



5. The chance to buy from the artist in their studio

Meeting an artist or maker is their studio is such a unique experience. At Spring Fling you can see where work is made and chat with them. This might result in buying from them. Being able to buy from the studio where work is made is such a lovely experience. Many of us buy from shops or online knowing nothing about the maker or where/how it is made. Everytime you look at your purchase you will know about it and it makes it special.



6. Leave the car behind and travel on one of our guided bus tours or follow a suggested bike route

D&G is a vast region, and although our studios will have signs up, we have directions in the brochure and online, we encourage visitors to help us make the event greener, using less cars.

Guided bus tours are running across most of the region. These focus of studios out of the towns and in more rural areas so booking a bus tour means travelling our beautiful countryside and seeing the studios that call them home.

Lots of studios are accessible by bike too!

Find out more about bus and bike travel HERE.


7. Style your home with unique furnishing, crockery and textiles

Did you know, many of our artists and makers make functional work? For example, tables, chairs, dinner plates, jackets, garden gates…You can purchase or commission functional artworks and objects from lots of our participating studios. 

Many of our studios also make work that can be used to style and decorate your home. For example, lampshades, cushions, artworks for your walls, footstools.

Think outside the box. There are so many beautifully made artworks and objects that can transform your home into a unique space made of handmade or bespoke items.



8. Visit unique studios and venues

Every studio you visit will be different! Studios working in the same discipline, studios in the same building, will all be different! Some studios will be in professional studios, some will be in garden sheds or caravans, some will be in their spare bedroom, garage, farm shed. 

Every Spring Fling venue is unique, just like our artists and makers.

Travelling these venues will take you to locations you’ve never heard of and ones you’ve always wanted to visit!

Please enjoy this magical treasure hunt across D&G and be mindful that these are private spaces, so do respect the artist and their space.



9. Be inspired!

Entering the studios is magical – you get unique insights into the minds of the artists, see the processes they follow and the end results. It’s so inspiring! You might get the chance to have a go yourself. 

Making, whatever it is, is great for your mental health. We hope that you feel inspired after visiting the studios and that it gives you that nudge you need to be creative!


10. Support small independent creative businesses

We have 104 studios taking part this year – that means 104 small, creative, independent businesses. By visiting their studio and making a purchase you are supporting them! Even visiting and chatting to them about their work is a big deal! Many of our participants work in isolation most of the year, so events like Spring Fling are really important for them to showcase new work, to get validation for it and to put it out there!


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