The WaterOrgan

The WaterOrgan was a specially commissioned public art piece for Spring Fling 2019 – a mobile, floating machine for producing fountains of sound and water using the kinetic energy of a river. Produced by Mark Zygadlo, The WaterOrgan is a colourful, spectacular kinetic artwork built on a scale visible, audible and understandable from the distance of a river bank to midstream. Audiences were able to see, hear and engage with this year’s commission which harnessed the awesome power of the river.

The WaterOrgan was open Daily: 10.30am till 5.30pm, 25-27 May 2019, Old Auldgirth Bridge, Auldgirth (Green Route)

Events held as part of The WaterOrgan:

Launch Night: Friday 24th May 2019, 7.30-10pm
The launch night offered the chance to experience The WaterOrgan at night with light displays and an evening discussion with Dr David Borthwick. Invitation only for Friends of Spring Fling (sign up here).

Talks: Hydrosocial Cycle
Our Relationship with Rivers and Waters,
with Dr David Borthwick of the University of Glasgow

Dr Borthwick discussed our varied relationships with rivers as they move through the landscape, considering ‘the hydrosocial cycle’ (Linton and Budds) and how this helps us understand the ways in which water and society make and remake each other. Using poetry and folklore, he discussed the river as collection of changeable relationships and voices: a water organ.

Talks at: Saturday 25th May 2019 – 2pm / Sunday 26 May  2019 – 7pm

Images by Mark Zygadlo

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