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Dogs at Spring Fling



Some guidance on visiting the event with dogs and dogs at the studios.

Visiting with Dogs

Please avoid bringing your dog (and all pets!) to Spring Fling studios.
These are private spaces and many of them are the artist’s homes. Although some artists might allow you to bring dogs into the studios, some artists might not want pets in their studios, so please avoid this situation by not taking your pets.
If you do need to travel with your dog, please make sure your dog is on a lead or in your arms. We know your dog might be friendly but other visitors in the studio you are attending might be scared, allergic, etc.
We also do not want any artwork to be damaged. If you are travelling by car with your pets, we know the weather is meant to be hot for Spring Fling weekend so we recommend checking out the artist’s recommendations in the brochure. These can be found at the bottom of each studio entry in the brochure and many artists suggest great walks!
This guidance is as much for the artists and for other visitors to the studios. 

Dogs at studios

All studios participating in Spring Fling have been issued guidance to follow.

Some of our studios have dogs but they have been asked to either keep dogs out of the studios for the duration of the event or if they must be there, to allow them to be present if they are on a lead or in a crate. We know not everyone entering the studios likes dogs or might be allergic, however, these studios are often the dog’s homes so hopefully, this strikes the right balance. 

If you have any concerns about dogs when visiting a studio, please speak to that artist when there. Or, please contact Upland via email during the event –

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