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Alan Cameron

I’m a printmaker based in Southwick working directly with the landscape around me. Finding the graphic forms in nature is a way of exploring rhythms, patterns and structures found in the organic growth of different tree species. My process draws on historic techniques and finds relationships in the natural form.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I work with local reclaimed timber. The print surface is created by sanding and burning the cross section of the wood which lowers the spring growth, leaving the winter growth raised. I print by hand, using a series of tools to work the paper into the grooves of the wood.

Tools & Materials

I print with a series of small tools used to work the paper into the grooves of the wood. Primarily I use a heavy glass baron, but sometimes using a spoon or the bone folding tool is better for getting into the grain if it is particularly detailed.

Examples of work

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Flaxmere Cottage, Southwick, DG2 8AL


Parking Spaces: 5


Evening Openings


Price Range

– £1,000

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