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Clare Dawdry

My studio is situated in Kirkpatrick Durham where I live and work. I am a full-time potter, making a variety of pots for use in the home. I also undertake commissions for galleries, restaurants and hotels throughout Scotland.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I make a range of functional and decorative stoneware pots for use in the home. My work is constantly evolving and one piece or collection informs the next. Experimenting with decoration, glazing techniques and firing cycles feeds in to new work.
I work in small batches at a time on the wheel, alongside one-off pieces. Tableware forms the foundation of my practice and provides infinite possibilities in exploring clarity of form and functionality. I use stoneware clay and a range of high temperature glazes, often layered to achieve a range of matt and shiny surfaces evocative of local land and seascapes.
More recently, my work has evolved to incorporate slip decoration, sgrafitto and masking techniques on a range of tall bottles, vases and bowls which are a constant in my work.

Tools & Materials

I make all of my pots on the wheel, using stoneware clay which is fired in a reduction atmosphere in my gas fired kilns. I mix my own glazes and slips using various oxides and stains to achieve the colours in my work.
I have accumulated a variety of different tools over the past 24 years of making pots. Many of my favourites are handmade.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

My studio is joined to my display space and visitors are invited and very welcome to come in to my workspace where they will see work at various stages of production, all of my tools and raw materials, equipment including kiln and potters wheel and my wall full of inspirations and source materials.

I will always try to make time to demonstrate, aiming to complete a batch of pots so visitors can see various techniques throughout the weekend, e.g throwing, turning, finishing and glazing. In order to ensure an informative experience for all visitors I have short films outlining my practice playing throughout the event.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

A free pocket-sized pot for the first ten Spring Fling friends to make a purchase.




33 Victoria Street, Kirkpatrick Durham DG7 3HQ


Parking Spaces: 8


Parking on street, wheelchair access from pavement through narrow door. 2 steps down to studio once inside.

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £350

Contact Info

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