Julie Hollis

Painting & Drawing / Mixed Media • Purple Route

I work with a sometimes unusual mix of materials to create two and three dimensional works largely inspired by my experiences. Nature and landscapes predominate, but lately an element of figurative work has started to emerge – greatly inspired by a recent battle with cancer.

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My Practice

My creative practice is evolving and whilst I am largely known for painting landscapes, lately I have begun creating works inspired by my own life experiences. These are more abstract and involve the use of various materials, rather than paint alone.

Tools & Materials

I mostly work in a purpose-built studio in our attic, although I also paint whilst at work in my gallery. I choose materials as I explore a theme which may mean that one day I am working with paint and the next with clay. The pursuit of the subject is more important to me that a choice of medium.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

On the lead up to Spring Fling I will offer free workshops for those affected by a life threatening disease. The workshops involve creating books to reflect those feelings evoked when dealing with life and death situations. On the weekend itself I will offer a less intensive version of this, whereby visitors can add to an existing book.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

5% discount for Friends

Studio 22


Made on Cloud 9, 34 St Mary St, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4DN



Street level access through a single door. Street parking outside.

  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Family Friendly
  • Parking
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year

Visiting my studio

Regardless of guidance in place at the time of Spring Fling weekend, I would appreciate it if visitors continued to wear a mask and use hand sanitiser.

Evening Openings

Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat

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