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Julie Hollis

Having moved studios several times in the last few years, I am now settled into my little studio in the middle of Kirkcudbright. It's a bright (but small) space – chocked full of my most necessary things. From here I work on my latest pieces, host workshops and open regularly throughout the year for visitors. It's a seemingly chaotic space, but gives me calm and peace to work.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

When asked to describe myself as an artist, I always say that I'm a bit of a multi-disciplinary one. Although painting is always at the heart of what I like to do, I also enjoy the exploration of a theme by using different media and employing various techniques.

Tools & Materials

So, because of this, my studio is full of materials, tools and machinery which you might not find in another painter's space. I specialise in acrylics, as this suits my style and speed of working, but also work in watercolours and oils. I enjoy working with textiles, either on their own or in collaboration with other materials. My love of technology has also led me down a path of creating painterly photographs using a specific digital layering technique which evolved from early darkroom work.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

During Spring Fling I'd love to invite you to have a go at monoprinting using some of the things that are inspiring me at the moment. This might include anything collected on a woodland walk.

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% off paintings over £200




Julie Hollis Art Studio, Royal Garage, 10 Mews Lane, Kirkcudbright DG6 4HE


Parking Spaces: 10


Small studio, unsuitable for wheelchairs or buggies. One small step into studio.

Evening Openings


Price Range

– £1,000

Contact Info

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