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Patti Leino

I'm an artist and tutor based at WASPS Kirkcudbright and in Korppoo, Finland, and also a researcher at University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts. My research project is a present-day re-imagining of Nan Shepherd's book 'The Living Mountain', an artistic exploration of northerly places, on foot, from an ecological perspective.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I make paintings, drawings, films and objects based on topics such as mountains, forests, glaciers, birds, flowers, bees, plastic rubbish. My art enquires into 'embodied' practices, which I understand as using all of the senses, not only vision, to shape and communicate the terrain, both exterior and interior, ecological, cultural and political. My practice includes teaching, peer support, talks, lectures and workshops.

Tools & Materials

I often work outdoors and have portable painting and drawing kits packed in with my walking gear. I make sound recordings with invented equipment, for instance, in Finland, a mic to dangle under the sea-ice. Back in the studio I use drawings and recordings to paint from. I tend to work in series and develop compositions from collected sources, studies and methods.

Examples of work

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Spring Fling Activity

Informal artist talk/discussion 2pm Saturday and Sunday

Offer for Spring Fling Friends

10% discount for Friends of Spring Fling




Studio 1, WASPS Artists Studios, 117 High Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4JG


Parking Spaces: 10


Accessible toilet on ground floor

Evening Openings

Friday / Saturday

Price Range

– £1,400

Contact Info

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