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Alison Macleod

I make jewellery inspired by antique treasures and the stories they tell. Each piece is individually crafted in traceable gold with the attention to detail for which my jewellery has become known. A love of pattern is central to my designs, inspired by the busy Victorian aesthetic but with a modern, balanced approach.
This year, I am taking part in Spring Fling in my new Atelier at Old School Thornhill, a workshop and display space encompassing my own unique style.

Images of Studio

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About My Practice

I love to help my customers mark the memories and occasions that mean the most to them. My finely crafted pieces draw from jewellery’s rich history of celebrating human connection in all its forms. Referencing the past within a modern context and with a relaxed elegance, my jewellery imbues each piece with a sense of meaning to be worn and enjoyed.

Tools & Materials

In my new Atelier I have surrounded myself with the treasured objects and imagery which inspire my designs, alongside sketchbooks and works in progress. My busy workbench gives an insight into my making process, crowded with hammers, files, forming tools and so much more. You might be inspired to commission your own bespoke jewellery piece, in which I can incorporate your unworn heirloom treasures, retaining all of those precious memories in a beautiful design you can wear every day.

Examples of work

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Old School Thornhill, Station Road, Thornhill, DG3 5DF


Parking Spaces: 4


Price Range

– £10,000

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