Liz McQueen

Painting & Drawing • Red Route

My paintings are inspired and informed by the landscape immediately surrounding my studio. I work mostly in acrylic, water colour and ink in a semi-abstract way; from sketches and photographs gathered on my daily walks

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My Practice

The valley in which I live has been inhabited for thousands of years and is littered with archaeological remains. From stone circles to sheep folds to hill forts and hut circles and the more recent changes caused by commercial forestry and agriculture. There are shapes and scars in evidence all over the place and it is this which fascinates me and inspires my creative practice.

A short film to show you how and where I work. Images of the landscape immediately surrounding my home, here in Eskdalemuir, Dumfries & Galloway.

Tools & Materials

My paintings aren’t just about colour, they’re also about texture. In fact the more walking and discovering about this landscape I do, the more I want the surface texture of my paintings to reflect that awareness. In each new series of work,I have been trying to describe that within the layers of the paint. In washes and glazes, in fat paint and thin, scraping and scratching using dry brushes, random tools and found objects – all to try and convey that sense of the marks left behind by the people who have lived and worked in this valley.

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

As well as an exhibition of my finished works, visitors will be able to see work in progress, have a look through my sketch books and reference materials and have a go with the tools and materials I use.

Studio 89


Mountview, Langholm Road, Eskdalemuir, DG13 0QH



Ground floor studio with double access doors. Gravel driveway from B709


  • Parking (2 spaces)

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