Ruth Elizabeth Jones

Ceramics • Orange Route

My work explores harmony of form and surface in clay vessels.

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My Practice

Made through the meditative actions of hand-building and throwing, the works evoke a holding and containing space – feminine forms, often with wide hips and generous bellies.

Shaping a coil from textured white clay and applying it to a half-built Moon Jar by joining, smoothing and scraping.

Tools & Materials

I’m based in a small studio in Moniaive and work mainly with hand-building techniques, primarily coiling. Some pieces are made on my electric wheel. I work with a range of clays contrasting in tone and texture and have an electric kiln with most pieces firing to stoneware or being smoke-fired (in a metal bin in my garden)

Examples of work
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Spring Fling Activity

I’m planning to show collections of vessels, both hand-built and thrown in a range of clays: Moon Jars, bowls, ‘Nest’ vessels and ‘Holding’ vessels. Also Emma Varley and I will share our ongoing collaboration, Earthlight, in a series of ‘pairings’ combining ceramic forms, prints and digital drawings at our shared pop up studio space at Gracefield Arts Centre.

Spring Fling Friends Offer

10% discount on purchases over £100

Studio 67


Room 3 Gallery 2 Gracefield Arts Centre, 28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, DG1 1JQ



Gallery 2 is on the flat with full disabled access

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Disabled Parking


  • Toilet
  • Family Friendly
  • Parking (20 spaces)
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Open through the year by appointment

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